Bruce Burke of Kodak

Bruce Burke speaks of the Future of Kodak Film.  Bruce Burke was with Kodak as the Senior Director of Sale of North America and involved in the negotiations.  Kodak has finalized deals with the major Hollywood studios that will allow film to remain alive, at least for the near future. This marks the completion of the deal that Kodak said was near-final last summer, when negotiations began. This was reported February 4th 2015

Steve Bellamy of Kodak

Kodak Names Steve Bellamy President of Motion Picture and Entertainment

"I'm thrilled and relieved that Kodak remains committed to keeping film alive and well," said filmmaker JJ Abrams. "It only feels right that film remain an available option in the world of filmmaking.  And Steve Bellamy is an ideal talent to help realize this priority."  


Some stories, some visions, demand film and what it can deliver. These moments are FilmWorthy. FilmWorthy is a way of celebrating those stories and the artists committed to film, and our commitment to not only preserving the medium, but helping it thrive.

The world's oldest colour film


The world's oldest colour film discovered in Bradford circa 1902


Filmmaking is a complicated alchemy of light, sound, camera movement. And while a great look is always the goal, sometimes everything comes together to create a work of sublime beauty. These are our picks for the Top 10 Most Beautiful Films of all Time.   

Glenn Kennel


Glenn Kennel is President of ARRI’s American subsidiary, responsible for marketing, sales and service of ARRI cameras, lighting and post production equipment in North and South America.   He joined ARRI as CTO at the beginning of 2009, and moved up to President and CEO on April 1, 2010.

Glenn has worked in the motion picture industry for 30+ years, in a variety of product development, strategy and management roles with Eastman Kodak,