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Sterling  Sherrill 


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We need your support to help produce this documentary called KEEP FILM ALIVE! With much support from the Film Industry and many great  people who in one way or another in the film business voice their feelings why we should KEEP celluloid film alive. The historic importance of this film! I am Sterling Sherrill and director of this film I have spent the last 4 years interviewing key people in all facets of the movie business to find out why we should KEEP CELLULOID FILM ALIVE. Now I am ready to edit this film but need your financial support to make that happen. Please give and be a part of thee movement in Hollywood to KEEP FILM ALIVE so the next generations have the opportunity to choose film if they decide that's what they want  to shoot on. And for the movie goers who would still like to see a movie projected on 35mm or 70mm in the theaters. You can make a difference by donating. Thank You! 

I have small sound biits from many of the people I interviewed so you can see

some of the content I want to put in theater


Bruce Burke Head of Sales in North America for Kodak in 2015 And part of the negotiations


Steve Bellamy President of Motion Picture and Entertainment. Kodak Names



Glenn Kennel is President of ARRI’s American subsidiary, And a former employee of Kodak.



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The world's oldest colour film


Most Beautiful Movies

Filmmaking is a complicated alchemy of light, sound, camera movement. And while a great look is alwa